Learn Everything About Vacation Rentals

Everything you need to know about Vacation Rentals

For Vacation Rental Owners

Vacation rentals are the second best thing after Netflix, and everyone with a property is rushing to list their homes to start counting some extra cash. Are you a property owner? Do you want to list your property on vacation rental sites to earn more money? Are you looking for a website with all-around information on vacation rentals? Well, welcome to LearnVacationRentals.com.

Vacation Rental - How To & Tips
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New in Vacation Rentals?

Here we provide you with everything you need to know about hosting your property on all vacation rental websites and how to become a great host for your guests.

In our list, you can find all the major vacation rental sites (Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor) and some less known vacation rental sites (TravelStaytion, Free Rentals, Tripz, and Perfect Places) and with our help, you can choose on which sites you’d want to list your property.

We did not create this list to present to you a few websites; we build this list to provide you with information on these vacation rental sites that no one speaks about. You’ll find a comparison and highlighted differences, which websites are better for you, which will benefit you the most, with the advantages and disadvantages of each website.

If you’ve been skeptical about listing your home in general, we provide you with the best host beginners information: from which vacation rental website to choose to start with, how to be a better host than the competition, how to create a super attractive listing for your place, how to market your listing, how to be cover your property and many more essential information!

For example, if you own a small cozy apartment or a big private property with a yard, you can find out what site will accommodate your property the best. As you probably already know, not all vacation rental sites list shared accommodations. Also, not all vacation rentals allow listing of boats, cabins, cottages, and castles. So to ensure you get the right information before listing your property, continue reading our blog!


Already a host?

If you already are a host, congratulations! We also have details for you on our site which can interest you. How? For one there is absolutely no problem in having your properties on different sites. On our site, we’ll provide you with different vacation rental sites and tools which will suit your host needs and also give you important tips which can make your hosting experience better.

What kind of tips? Well, first of all, you definitely need to know few important questions to ask your guests before renting out your home to them so you can avoid renting out your precious property to no-good guests. You also want to know some awesome vacation rentals marketing strategies which you can take to have guests clamoring to rent your property.

Vacation Rentals Locations on Vacation Rental Sites
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And if you have your property on sites that work with reviews like Airbnb and TripAdvisor, you definitely want to know how to boost reviews on your vacation rental property. Here on LearnVacationRentals.com, we can provide you with all of that!

Browsing our website you can find helpful tips to give you the best hosting results. Some hosting tips you can find on our website include:

  • Pro tips on how to prepare your home for your guests in order to get great reviews.
  • Tips on little, affordable details to add to your home in order to give your guests a pleasant experience.
  • Essential tips on how to become a super host and stay on top of the list of vacation rental sites.
  • Helpful tips to help you avoid destructive guests.

Within a few seconds on our site, you can get all of this information!


For Vacation Rental Guests

Vacation rentals are the new wave because everyone is realizing just how convenient and affordable they are. Are you planning a vacation? Do you want every valid information that can guide you when choosing a vacation rental home from a vacation rental website? Then welcome to LearnVacationRentals.com

Here we provide you with a list of vacation rental sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, HomeAway, VRBO and much more. More than a list of the sites, we also provide you with the details on each site such as how they function, their pros and cons and so on.

These details are very important when choosing a vacation rental property for your stay so don’t miss a chance to read about them. We also provide you with details each site have that no one speaks about!

Vacation Rental by Owners
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Are you planning a budget holiday? Do you want a small but cozy accommodation you don’t mind sharing with another guest or staying with the host? On our site, you will get a list of the websites that can provide you with affordable vacation stays.

Or you are looking for a large house where you and your friends can chill for the holiday? Maybe you are planning a destination wedding and want a house with a yard where your family and important guests can stay? We can also give you a comprehensive list of vacation rental sites that can provide these.


Helpful Tips

More than information about the sites, we provide you with tips which can help you as a guest. If you are new to the vacation rental industry, you don’t want to be cheated or fall into the hands of scam artists! On our site, we give you information on how to protect yourself as a guest.

Some other tips we provide for our beginners and more experience guests include:

  • Tips on how to save money during tips.
  • Helpful tips to hassle choosing the right property.
  • Best vacation rental platforms for you.

With these tips, no one can double-cross you even as a newbie in the world of vacation rentals. Basically, we keep you fully informed. With good and the right information, you can prepare for your dream vacation without any drawbacks.

We also offer “protective information”. What is protective information? We provide you with some unpleasant situations you might encounter on vacation rental sites (such as being double-crossed and fake listings) and how to steer clear of those situations. If you are unlucky and get caught up in these situations, we also provide you with helpful tips to get out of them.

Last but not the least, we give you tips on how to deal with less scary, but equally unpleasant situations. Situations like the vacation rental house not being what you expected, an amenity not functioning, careless or unresponsive vacation rental hosts, bad reviews from the host or lost keys. As unlikely as these events seem, they are prone to happen and you need to be equipped with information on what to do.

You can find them all here at LearnVacationRentals.com