15 Tips About Vacation Rentals

15 Things You Don’t Know About Vacation Rentals

A 2015 TripAdvisor study discovered that almost 60% more from last year of travelers were planning to stay at a vacation rental instate to a hotel. Vacation rentals have been popular for some time, it has by no means been so easy for homeowners to list properties and for guests to discover them – and industry is growing.

Few of the factors that travelers prefer VR include but not limited to: lower cost, more favorable amenities, additional space, a more home-like experience, full kitchens, pet-friendly accommodations and spectacular views: all quite strong advantages of choosing any VR property. Regardless if you are in that 60% considering booking a VR or in the 40% continue to booking hotel rooms, listed below are 15 factors you may not be familiar with vacation rentals.


Everything You Need To Know About Vacation Rentals

Know About Vacation Rental

1. It’s not only Airbnb there are more vacation rental sites.

Airbnb is receiving the majority of the press, but there are many other dedicated vacation rental sites, including HomeAway, VRBO FlipKey (powered by TripAdvisor) and Tripping.com (A vacation rental search engine which searches many sites simultaneously). We have a list of all the major vacation rental site, with the pros and cons.

Furthermore, vacation rentals are beginning to appear on websites typically related to hotels, for example, Booking.com and TripAdvisor.

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2. You can actually book extremely spectacular and amazing accommodations.

Mansions, Castles, themed homes, designer homes, cabins and numerous more. Each one is bookable on various vacation rental sites.
You can even rent the same place as your favorite celebrity.

3. Some holiday rentals have as many features and amenities as a hotel.

In case your accommodation is an apartment from a converted hotel or motel, you will be able to utilize facilities and services including gyms, swimming pools and much more. Some places also offer housekeeping services.

4. Applying filters while searching might not be the best idea.

We discover that looking for vacation rentals, using filters of any type often hid properties which can be attractive, affordable and available. By making use of absolutely 0 filters additional properties will appear.

5. Owners are quite possibly not verifying or updating their listings.

We discover that availability calendars, description and/or photos are outdated. The reason being several homeowners don’t have enough time or resources to maintain listings on several vacation rental sites up to date.

Often it works to your benefit, as when rentals are accepting for shorter stays than shown on the listing page or even the price reduced, and in some cases against, such as when a property that appears to be available is currently reserved.

Learn About Vacation Rental

6. “Sleeps X” number of people could be misleading.

We found out that the “sleeps X people” numbers might be the most problematic detail in holiday rental homes. This is often the result of a few reasons:

A. Not every bedroom could be a real bedroom. Occasionally vacation rental owners put up a curtain or divider in a room to separate the space to add an extra bedroom or use some other ways to provide “rooms” that other people would definitely name them as cabinets.

B. Whenever keeping track of sleeping rooms, some owners will count a foldout bed or a cot which is in the kitchen area, or perhaps a couch.

Few tips to determine the actual number of private bedrooms:
A. Ask the owner directly.
B. Check the photos and see if you can number the bedrooms

7. Getting in touch with the owner directly.

An online listing can’t let you know all you need to be aware of a vacation rental property, but speaking with the owner or property manager can.

Advantages of getting in touch directly with the owner include:
A. Getting to know your host
B. Understanding the “Home Rules” and finding out of any extra expenses (for example cleaning fees, cancelation fees)
C. Looking into check-in and check-out times
D. Requesting a guestbook with the necessary info (for example WiFi passwords)

8. Only a few owners are excited to rent their homes.

Through the years, a few of the owners we met had been definitely unenthusiastic regarding renting out their homes; they simply needed an extra income and wanted the minimum hassle possible in exchange. Various other owners are simply busy when you wish to book and don’t have enough time to meet you for the check in/check out or clean up afterward.

9. There can be strict house rules.

Some vacation rental owners are picky and have rules which can make your stay challenging. No outside guests, no loud music, no BBQs, no parties, no additional cars.

Airbnb features a “House Rules” section on its listings, however, many other sites don’t. Get in touch with the owner and ask for the “house rules” before you actually book.

10. All the amenities might not be available for you.

Simply because something is on the property doesn’t suggest you can make use of it. Things such as bikes, surfboards and beach chairs might not be for guest use or may have an extra cost. Once again ask prior to using.

About Vacation Rentals

11. Even the essentials are not guaranteed.

At a hotel, you expect there will be car parking available, air conditioning, TV, toiletries and etc. None of these really are a granted with a vacation rental, particularly the more exotic and remote the property is. Once more ask before you book.

12. A number of vacation rentals are illegal.

Occasionally, the person listing the property might not have a legal right to do this. This can be because of their rental agreement, or condo association restrictions, or locations that have limitations on sub-renting.

13. Issues need to be reported immediately to the Vacation Rental website.

Imagine a vacation rental being a car rental; when there is a large scratch or a specific thing doesn’t work, you are going to report it instantly, or you be held responsible for this upon return.

We advise making a full evaluation of your accommodation property upon your arrival, even taking photos if needed, followed by getting everything in writing in an e-mail, that gives you a record of the date and time you discovered and documented the issue. This helps in case of any conflicts.

14. Rates can be negotiated.

Rates on vacation rental sites can often be negotiated; as mentioned earlier, homeowners aren’t always updating their listings, putting various rates for the off-season and longer stays. Asking for rates directly is usually the best way.

15. You should use caution any time you pay.

The growth in vacation rentals hasn’t come without having its share of conflicts and in some cases con artists, therefore you’ll use payment methods that provide you with some solutions if there is a problem. Avoid cash and wire transfers, and stay with payments by credit card or services like PayPal whenever possible.

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