Tips on Making Your Holiday Rentals Spectacular

As the host of holiday rentals, it is important that you make the comfort and satisfaction of your guests a top priority. Normally when guests check into hotels, they understand that the standard of amenities they would get depends on the hotel room or class they booked. Hotel stars ratings also help guests understand the facility standards they will be getting from the hotel rooms. To boost their customer’s satisfaction scores, hotels often include little details in suites and rooms such as bathrobes, bath crystals, magazines or a bottle of champagne to make the customer experience better.

Now as a holiday rental host, there is no stars rating system for your properties so your guests do not really know what to expect. This doesn’t mean you should provide them with a boring or substandard home for the holiday. There are some essentials which you should provide to your guests to make the period of their stay in your house a spectacular one.

To make your holiday rental exceptional, there are some essentials and then some extra details which can add a small but thoughtful difference to your guest’s stay.


The Essentials

What are the essential items and steps you should have and do in your holiday rental and why are they actually essential?

Holiday Rentals Essential Tips

Soap and Toilet Paper: Soap and toilet paper should be on the top of the list of essential items for your holiday rentals guests. Yes, it’s not mandatory but a provision of these will definitely be appreciated by guests. Keep in mind that they’ll probably have a long flight and take long taxi rides before finally getting to the house. A roll of toilet paper and a bar of soap provided will surely make the first few hours of settling in easier for your guests.

Breakfast Baskets: Breakfast baskets make a great welcome gift to your guests. Especially when they arrive late at night or on a Sunday when all the shops are closed. In situations like these, the guests can have a decent meal to eat for the first hours of the day before trying to figure their way around the area. You can fill the breakfast basket with a loaf of bread, butter, jam, coffee and tea. Biscuits and fruits can be a great addition if you wouldn’t mind the cost.

Sugar, pepper and salt: Holiday rentals guests often prefer to shop at the local markets and to prepare their own meals. Leaving some salt and pepper for them to use in preparing and seasoning their meals will definitely put a smile on their faces. You can also leave sugar for tea, coffee or doughnuts so they don’t need to buy any.

Kitchen Equipment: As mentioned earlier, holiday rentals guests often prefer to cook their own meals. When preparing the house for their stay, you could leave plates, cups, cutleries, pots and pans behind for their use. A lot of people don’t travel with kitchen utensils and buying silverware and tableware just for a couple of weeks might turn out to be a waste for the guests at the end of the holiday.

There are holiday rentals where no single kitchen utensils are provided and feeding becomes a problem for the guests during the holiday. The aim is to provide a better experience than those rental homes. If you don’t keep a lot of kitchen equipment yourself, you can provide two of every important item. Two bowls, two pots and pans, two cups, two plates and two glasses. IKEA is a good place to buy for all the essential kitchen items your guest will need for their stay and you can stay safely within your budget.

Pro TIP: As a vacation rental hosts of a property listed in one of the major vacation rental sites, it is quite clear that you need to do some cleaning and organizing after a guest checks out. This is to make the house more habitable for your next guest.


The Extra Details

These extra details are more like thoughtful gestures. They aren’t necessary but they show your guests that you care and gives them a better holiday experience.

Holiday Rentals Extra Details

A bottle of local wine/champagne or some local beer: What better way is there to welcome people into your home than with drinks? After a long, probably unpleasant and stressful trip, the first thing anyone ever wants is to relax, help them to relax with a local drink. Spotting a bottle of wine or champagne with some sweets or fruits on the center table or some beer in the fridge will make your guests feel welcome. It doesn’t have to be expensive wine. Something affordable but nice will make the right impact. You can also use this as an opportunity to show off local wine producers to your guests.

Dinner Kit: Dinner kits are great extras. This is because your guests could arrive late at night or in the evening and be too tired to go out to get food after a long journey. Also if your home is located in an area where getting groceries or ingredients for preparing food is difficult, you should strongly consider leaving a dinner kit for your guests. You can leave a kit with basic ingredients such as pasta, pasta sauce, a can of tomatoes, olive oil or onions to enable them to make quick meals.

Toiletries: You can provide basic toiletries for your guests which they can make use of on the first day of their stay at your holiday rental. You don’t have to buy large-sized soaps and shampoos. You can get basic hotel sized toiletries which can serve for the first few days until the guests can find supermarkets to buy bigger toiletries.

Entertainments: There are days when people simply do not feel like going out. Even when vacationing in the most exciting city. There can also be times when the weather is unfavorable for going out hence they have to stay indoors. Some sources of entertainments can be great in these situations. Leaving some board games, magazines, books, CDs or video games will definitely be appreciated by the guest.

Special Extras: These special extras are little things you can leave in some parts of the house for your guest’s benefits. Quite often during free time, people wander around their new environment, trying to figure out things to do. You can leave cookbooks for your guest to practice a new recipe or to read through. Picnic baskets, bicycles, umbrellas and water bottles can be included. For a better holiday home experience, you can also leave an espresso machine, video games, television, maps, guidebooks, and games.

With these tips, you can be assured that your holiday rentals will be spectacular and unique!

If you have your own tips and we miss them please share them with us.

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