Must Have Items For Your Airbnb Listing

There are some things that can literally be the key aspects for delivering the best Airbnb guest experience as an Airbnb host. There is a list of essentials that are a must-have for your property so that your goal of growing to be a good host becomes easier. Sometimes all you need is one of these essential elements to make a good and positive difference in your vacation rental listing.

However, in this article, we have listed some of the most important must-have items over and above the essentials for your listing, to help you to become a superhost. By offering an unforgettable and unique experience in all the right ways making your property the best option for the guests.

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To offer the best Airbnb guest experience you must have all the below items:

1. Important Safety Items:

There is a lot that you need to stock up on but safety definitely comes first. You need to ensure s safety to your guests and the following items are a must have for safety purposes. If you do not own all of these safety items then you are pretty much putting yourself and Airbnb guests to a risk. And you would not want that at all, would you? Here are the must-have essentials for Airbnb safety purposes:

2. Amazon TV stick or Roku:

If you are dealing with guests and you want your Airbnb hosting to be an experience they remember then you definitely do not want them to survive on simple local news channels or probably your local channels that don’t interest them.

In order to boost your hosting experience, you can simply invest in a Roku or an Amazon TV stick. This allows your guests to relax and just watch whatever they like. Most importantly, they get access to Netflix so what else can be better than that? You obviously don’t want to leave a bad experience on your guests, do you?


3. Wi-Fi Router:

If the Wi-Fi is slow, then your hosting experience is rotten. Majority of people cannot survive without a Wi-Fi and when they are taking your services, they are definitely hoping for getting a Wi-Fi along too. And it is quite obvious that they assume it that they will be using your Wi-Fi.

A good router is very important otherwise your Wi-Fi speed won’t really matter.

So invest in a Wi-Fi router as soon as possible and bring the fattest and greatest internet facilities to your guests and be the best host ever.


4. Coffee:

Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, you need to make sure that you do have a coffee maker at your place. Being an Airbnb host requires you to have everything “essential” accessible for the guests.

Chances are that your guests might wish for coffee as soon as they land at your place. And it is going to be their bad if they don’t get it from you and they have to head out to buy a cup of coffee.

It is safer to invest in a coffee maker and keep a jar of coffee at your home when guests have already made the reservations with you.


5. USB Cables and Phone Charging Cables:

People are always going to have right-hand access to a separate charger to cable at a hotel. This is why you need to have this stuff for them too. A guest might not have their phone charging cable and they are definitely going to ask you for one. It is always best to keep a separate one for the guests so that you don’t have to lend them yours. This will leave a very positive impact on the guests overall.



So these are some of the most basic and essential items that you must have for listing as an Airbnb host. The best way to think of more stuff is to put you in the shoes of a traveler. What would you be looking forward to after a long and tiring journey? Whatever comes to your mind, stock that up for your guests. It is very important to make the experience worth remembering for the guests as it makes a lot of difference in the quality of your hosting.

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