What Is Vacation Rental? A Guide For Guests

With the term vacation rental, we mean a fully furnished house or an apartment rented for a temporary basis to the tourists as an alternative to the hotels. It is a rapidly growing market for both the travelers and the hosts. It is a very beneficial market for both the house owners and for the people renting the houses. Both parties (hosts and guests) can benefit financially from this market.

What is Vacation RentalIn the vacation rental, the host meaning the owner of the property puts up all the details regarding the property to an online platform (vacation rental websites), such as Airbnb, Booking.com HomeAway and etc. This information is available to all of the people who are looking to rent a house for their vacations. They can choose the place that best suits their requirements.

There are two choices in the vacation rentals, either the guest can rent a private space all for himself or he/she can rent a spare room in the house of the host family. In this situation, the guest will actually be living with a family and renting a room or two or whatever the host offers, and the guests require.

Benefits of vacation rentals for the guests

For the guests, meaning the people/travelers renting the place, this market very beneficial. If you are thinking how, let us explain in detail.

Better than hotels

So, let’s say you are on holidays in a location where you want to invite some friends over and have a meeting/party. Can you do that in a hotel room? We believe not, especially if you want to invite a bunch of people. With the hotel rooms comes a lot of restrictions.

However, if you are living in a rented house, there are no restrictions on how many people you can invite. You want to have a meeting/party, you have the whole house at your disposal.

Much cheaper

When you calculate the net amount of renting a vacation rental house, proves to be much cheaper than a hotel room. You get a lot of facilities, much bigger space in almost the same money or less. It proves to be a very cost-effective way and you enjoy your stay a lot more than the hotel rooms, especially if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends.

Saving on dining cost

When you are living in a house you can cook your own meals, okay not all the meals but at least a small breakfast or a lunch. You save money in this way, eating outside all the time costs you a lot of money. This money can actually be used to travel to some new place.

No additional costs

The most annoying things are the additional payments like the parking fee, the internet fee, the mineral water you will drink from the mini bar, you have to pay for everything in the hotel but when you are living in a house all of these expenses are cut off right away. So, you will have some extra money in your pocket.

The freedom

You can do whatever you want in the house, go out and come back anytime you want. Play loud music, no fear of the housekeeping just coming in anytime, and no noise from the other rooms. It’s just perfect.



Getting a vacation rental home is very beneficial for the guests. It comes with a lot of advantages and is becoming the first choice of travelers, keeps reading our blog posts and learn many more things about the vacation rental industry and how to benefit from it as a “guest” and/or how to protect your interests.

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