Vacation Rental Homes Vs Hotels


Vacation rental homes are becoming the next marketplace for the diverse travelers and backpackers. In fact, the market share of the vacation rentals has increased from 8% in 2007 to 28% in 2018. The trend of enjoying a vacation tour of vacation rental homes has its tons of perks and benefits. There are many backlashes in renting out a hotel room as compared to vacation homes and we will talk extensively regarding them in content down below.

The real adventure

Traveling is all about experiencing adventure every moment of your tour to any business or leisure venture. The real adventure begins when you travel with your family or friends and spend some nights at a beautiful, cozy house instead of a hotel room. There are multiple adventures you can have while your stay at a vacation rental.

For example the benefit of spending time together and feeling free in a comfortable house, while you will have your own multiple bedrooms, your own living room, your own yard, parking spot, your own kitchen and much more.

In many destinations, there are vacation rentals nearby, and that’s where you can enjoy the real beauty of the local area you are visiting. In hotel rooms, you can’t have much freedom of enjoying your vacation to its end extent and are bound to schedules, rules and what not.

The vacation rentals can be like your home, just in a different location and scenery. A vacation rental can help you tremendously in exploring that new place. You can start exploring with your loved one the local streets, mountains or beach and have fun while you are exploring new things. You may find a bookshop, a butcher’s shop, liquor store and tons of other fun places that will help you make your tour more adventurous in a vacation rental.

Enjoy the freedom to go and come back at any time to your vacation home and no one will ask a thing to you at reception or anywhere else.

These are the fun things that you cannot possibly enjoy as much if you choose a hotel in a tourist area for your accommodation. Hotel room bounds your adventurous creativity and can’t help you make the best out of your fantastic tour.

The money game

vacation rental homes - save money

Vacation rentals can be extremely economical for a solo traveler a family or even a big group of friends. Hotel rooms will be a costly game if your group or for a family of 6 people for example. You can have a whole luxurious vacation rental home for just $80 to $150, while a hotel room can cost you the same for each small room. You can seriously save a lot of money and can have tons of adventure and unlimited fun for less than the half price.

Moreover, your days can be even more costly by dining in restaurants daily on your visit to some travel place when hundreds of dollars are just spent on food. However, when you have your own kitchen in the vacation rental home, you can cook for yourself, and you can have two things at the same time: Fun and savings.

You can have cherishing fun with your loved one, family or friends while cooking delicious meals like you are at your home and thus you can save a lot of money on your trip. We all know that cafes and restaurants can be expensive if you have them as the only source for your food and sometimes you can’t find or you can’t enjoy your food freely there. Instead, cooking in a kitchen with a splendid view, with the help of your loved one, surely seems romantic and a lot tastier.

Cooking yourself has its charm and when you can cook your food at a breathtakingly beautiful tourist spot, the moments will be priceless. 

Space: a cozy house vs a small hotel room

vacation rental homes - comfort

There is undoubtedly a lot more space in a house as compared to a small hotel room. House is a house, it has its bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, a great yard or terrace with a scenic view, maybe a pool in the backyard, multiple amenities and its private parking place and a lot of other stuff depending on the place. And what you get in a hotel room?  A small room with a bed and a mini bar, so where is all the fun and adventure? And that hefty sum that you are going to pay for that room? The rules of coming in and out? All other complexities?

My advice for you, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to make your tour memorable and mesmerizing, it is time that you shift your journey stay from a traditional hotel room to vacation rental home. Vacation rental homes have a ton of space just like your home, where you can have a leisure coffee time with your spouse at terrace or lounge or in the living room along with fireplace if it is winter season.

Nothing can possibly go wrong with your tour at a summer or winter vacation house accommodation but with hotel stay there can be many limitations in the peak travel seasons. The rates can go sky-high and often there have been observed compromises in hotel services.

You can book your vacation rental homes by owners even last minute and can stay there with fun and can have an extreme adventure at the place which will be the same as your second home.

The family vacation (Travelling with children)

vacation rental homes - family

Vacation rental homes are made for the family vacations and group travels. While you are traveling with your family or even if you are traveling with your pet you can choose to stay in a vacation rental home to benefit from the space and the amenities a home can offer. I am sure you will be able to find many vacation rental homes by owners at multiple locations and can stay at your dream house on very affordable and economic packages.

Children can hate the hotel rooms as they will be bound to stay in the hotel rooms for many hours and can’t play but in the vacation rental home, they can play as much as they want and in a prominent place. Moreover, kids can have good food in a vacation rental home that is cooked by their parents not by some unhygienic cook at the hotel nearby.

They can play soccer on the lawn, and they can do all of their hobbies just like they are spending time in their homes, but the change of the location and the scenery will be making everything much more majestic. The researches have shown that traveling boosts up the creativity of the young kids and it makes them fresh, active and more productive in their daily tasks and more effective at school.

Multiple personal amenities

You can have your own pool, own kitchen, private yard, private laundry, own movie theatre, beautiful terrace, own parking lot and the list goes on and on. Can’t you get any of these things in the hotel room? And all of this at a less expensive price for a more comfortable accommodation. In the end, your vacation accommodation will result in a lot of stress-free, cherishing, economical and beautiful travel experience.

We recommend for the above reasons and many more for your next trip to try a vacation rental home as your accommodation. Just be cautious with the listing you choose to book from a vacation rental site. Here you can find some tips on how to choose the best vacation rental home for you and your group.

Share with us your opinions, stories and photos from your recent experience to vacation rental homes.

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