Must Have Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

As a vacation rental host of a property listed in one of the major vacation rental sites, it is quite clear that you need to do some cleaning and organizing after a guest checks out. This is to make sure that the house is clean and livable for your next guest. That’s why we prepare for you a must-have vacation rental cleaning checklist.

The tricky part here is: What exactly do you need to do to make your house suitable for the next guests? Below is a list of important steps you should take to ensure your vacation rental is thoroughly cleaned and set for use.


Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

vacation rental bathroom

Step 1: The bathroom

Our first point in our vacation rental cleaning checklist is the bathroom. The Bathroom is a part of the house where a lot of delicate activities take place. This is the major reason why you have to ensure it’s clean before the next person checks in.

The showers and bathtubs should be scrubbed from top to bottom at every checkout. Refusing to do this could cause grime to accumulate or leave stains all over the walls, tubs and doors. Old stains will definitely throw your guests off because even if the bathroom is clean, the color won’t make it seem that way.

Keep cleaning tools out of sight but easily accessible. That is, they shouldn’t be the first thing a guest sees when they walk into the bathroom but they should be available when needed. If your cleaning tools start to wear, replace them immediately. The end result should be a spotless bathroom. Ensure toilet paper is available too!


Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist - Kitchen of Vacation Home Rental

Step 2: The Kitchen

The kitchen isn’t the most popular part of the house as some guests hardly go in there. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it cleaned up after a checkout. The kitchen is where food is stored and cooked so you have to keep it clean. Get all the dishes and cutleries rewashed (you never know what a guest has done with your kitchen utensils). You could get a dishwasher and a dishwashing pod to keep plates spotless.
Sweep every part of the kitchen. Not just the visible parts but also under cabinets and behind doors for any hidden dirt. If you have a sink food disposal, clean it occasionally with white vinegar and baking soda to keep it fresh and prevent bad smells.

Clean and disinfect your countertops. Make sure there are no lingering stains. This will affect the overall appearance of the kitchen. Clean out cabinets monthly or bi-monthly and remove fingerprints. If the work seems too much for you, you can hire professional help. Just ensure at every checkout, your kitchen is as good as new!


Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist - Bedroom of Vacation Home Rental

Step 3: The Bedrooms

After cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens, the bedroom is our next place in our vacation rental cleanliness list. The bedrooms are often a relief because it is the easiest part of the house to clean up after a guest checks out. It’s basically just a wide space with a bed and wardrobes. No hidden corners, except under the bed of course.

The most important thing to keep clean in the bedrooms is the bed. The bed is arguably the first thing the guests see when they walk into a room and a messy bed is a messy room. Turn the beds over, turn sheets down and fluff the pillows. Make sure you change the linens, get good-looking sheets.

Sweep or vacuum the entire room – this includes the open floor and under beds and cupboards. Give your bedroom an exquisite presentation. Remember this is where your guest will be spending most of their time.


Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklst - Living Room of Vacation Home Rental

Step 4: Living Rooms

Living rooms are very important to clean because other than the bedroom, this is a part of the house where your guests will be spending most of their time. If you have a rug on your living room floor, vacuum it thoroughly. Make sure there are no remnant particles left in the rug. Take it outside occasionally to air it just in case it’s damp. This also keeps it fresh. If you have tiles, mop the floor until it is spotless. Air fresheners in the living room is also a great idea. Clean the television stand, the stools and center table.

Ensure the cushions are clean and that the pillows are properly fluffed. Polish your furniture from time to time to make it shine. You don’t have to wash your curtains frequently. Once in two to three months you can throw them into the washing machine but make sure you inspect them after every checkout. If there are prominent stains on your curtains, then you have to wash them.


Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist - Dining Area of Vacation Home Rental

Step 5: Dining Areas

The last step in our vacation rental cleaning list is the dining area, just like the bedroom does not require too much cleaning. All you need to do is ensure the overall appearance is attractive. When you walk into a dining area, the first thing you notice is the dining table. Wash your table linens after every checkout. Change it if you can. Make sure the dining chairs are clean, although this doesn’t take much work. All you need to do this dust the frames with a clean piece of cloth and brush the body with a firm brush. Sweep and mop the floors. Wash the curtains along with the living room curtains. This is where your guest will be eating most of their meals so you have to ensure it’s hygienic. If you have a mini fridge in the dining area, ensure you keep it clean also.

While cleaning up different parts of your house, don’t forget to look up for signs of cobwebs. Often times during cleaning, a lot of Airbnb, Booking.comTripAdvisor owners forget about cobwebs. But they are a huge problem for guests who lay down to sleep at night only to look up and find a family of spiders staring down at them. Make use of a brush or a broom to dust the ceilings after every checkout.

For vacation rental hosts, the cleanliness of there property is a top priority.

All over the world, there are different organizations which provide professional cleaning services. If cleaning up the vacation rental house or apartment might be too much work for you, you can hire these services to get the work done for your vacation rental listing.

This vacation rental cleaning checklist can help you know just what to expect from a cleaning organization. Remember as a vacation rental host, your guest’s comfort should be your top priority!