Vacation Rentals Marketing Tips

TOP 6 Vacation Rentals Marketing Tips To Increase Bookings

In this day and age, there is fierce competition in every sphere of life. People in all the businesses including Vacation Rental Hosts are looking for ways to excel in their field. If you want to stand ahead, you have to make exclusive efforts with your vacation rentals marketing and go to an extra mile to achieve your goals.

In case of vacation rental business, if you want to be more popular among the guests, you have to be more creative in developing your vacation rentals marketing strategy. The better you market your place, the more guests would love to accommodate it. If you are looking for some helpful and practical tips to increase your bookings, we have got you covered. All the Hosts would find these vacation rentals marketing tips useful in boosting their number of reservations.

TIP # 1: Provide High-Quality Photos

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #1

You might have heard that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This is true to a great extent. Particularly, in marketing your rental place, the more beautiful photos you use, the more customers get attracted.

For renting out your home for vacation, the best thing that you can do is to add beautiful pictures of your place. The first thing that most of the visitors check in your listing is the images that you provide. It gives them a clear idea of what exactly your vacation rental home look like.

Therefore, you should be careful in this regard and add clear and high-quality photos of your vacation rentals listing. If the pictures added are blurry or low quality, it will leave a bad impact on your potential guests. Besides, clear photos would show them how dedicated and serious you are for the business.

Here it is important to mention that not only the quality is important, the quantity also matters. The more pictures you add in the listing, the less confusion they have about your place. In short, providing plenty of clear images of your house would make it easy for them to decide whether they want to book or not. And if the photos are enough and have high quality, travelers would be comfortable in booking your rental home.


TIP #2: Respond Promptly

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #2

The response rate is one of the most influential factors that affect your bookings. If you respond timely to the queries of visitors, it will leave a good impression on them, and they would be comfortable with you. On the contrary, if you take hours or days to respond, the travelers would prefer not to make a booking with you. Just think from their perspective. How would you feel if you ask for a reservation and the homeowner replies after days? Wouldn’t you be disappointed? Of course, you would.

Similarly, when you don’t respond to them quickly, they consider you as an irresponsible and non-serious host which decreases your chances of getting a booking. Therefore, you should be efficient in responding to all the queries. It will make you more reliable.

Timely response is very crucial also because guests often make a booking on an urgent basis. They can’t wait for days for your response. So if you delay replying to them, they may make book another vacation rental house. Thus, you should respond to them immediately. You should not take more than one to two hours to answer. Responding fast would enhance your response rate and quality score which would ultimately assist in increasing bookings.


TIP #3: Ask for Reviews

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #3

Most of the online customers decide to choose any product after reading its reviews. Same is the case with travelers who are looking for a suitable rental apartment or house in the vacation rentals websites.

They tend to select the listings of those Hosts, who have more positive reviews. The reason is simple. Reviews give them a deeper insight into your place. Through reading the reviews from your past guests, they get an idea about whether your place is worth a stay or not. Thus, if you have multiple reviews from different clients, it would create a good impression and more and more travelers would like to book your rental place.

If you want to know how to get more reviews, don’t worry, you are covered. You can simply request for their feedback and reviews in person before their checkout or as soon after they leave your place via a text message. A goodbye gift with a wishing cart and information how they can leave you a positive feedback is a welcoming gesture and your guests will definitely appreciate it. If they have had a pleasant experience, they would be happy to write about it.


TIP #4: Update the Calendars and Rates

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #4

Here is another valuable vacation rentals marketing tip. Often the Hosts ignore to update their reservations calendars, and it leaves a negative impact on the travelers. It would be enough to ruin your reputation. Therefore, you should be very careful in this regard. If you want to raise your bar and get more bookings, you should regularly update your calendar and rates. Double reservations and inaccurate rates would affect your image badly. Also, most of the listing sites will just remove your listing if you have not bothered to update your calendar. If you want to get more bookings, you are required to offer valid rates.

Additionally, you should update the calendar instantly after receiving a booking. Build your rate structure carefully as the more competitive rates you offer, the more bookings you get. You should also consider certain variables such as slow seasons, holidays and market fluctuations. In short, the dynamically priced property would get more bookings.


Tip #5: Create a catchy Property Description

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #5

Your booking performance is highly influenced by the length and quality of your property description. How you describe your place is important. Remember that when you write your property description, you are providing an overview to the travelers of how your apartment looks like. Everything including the tone, choice of words and length creates an impact and therefore, it should be well-written.

Be creative and add more expressions to your description. Let your words take the traveler to an imaginary tour of your place. According to some experts, your description should not be less than 300 words. Remember to mention all the major and essential details. Put yourself in prospective guests’ shoe, think what would attract you the most and then write accordingly. Don’t take it as just a formality and through a couple of words. Take your time and come up with something innovative and appealing. Furthermore, if you are not at writing, you can also hire a professional content writer for the job.

One last thing, don’t forget to use keywords and tags to the vacation rentals websites that allow you to do this for your listings.


TIP #6: Accept Credit Card Payments

Vacation Rentals Marketing TIP #6

Online booking has become a tradition in the vacation rental business. The properties that offer online booking and payment via credit card get more booking than the others. The old days have gone when mailing the checks and agreements were common. In this modern age, people prefer to pay online. It offers high convenience. Moreover, online booking with immediate confirmation makes you a credible option. The availability of secure payment via credit card would double your booking rates.

For the vacation rentals Hosts who are using one of the major vacation rental sites, this is not an issue, since all of them support online payments via credit card and other payment gateways like PayPal.

Vacation Rentals Marketing Tips Conclusion:

If you want to boost your booking performance, make sure you follow all these vacation rentals marketing tips. You can attract more guests by providing clear and high-quality images in addition to a smartly written description. Besides, your competitive rates, immediate response and online booking will make you a favorable option for the travelers.

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