How to Be a Good Host and Wow Your Guests

WOW Vacation Rentals Guests

With the rapid advancement in Vacation Rental Business, more and more hosts are listing themselves on different vacation rental sites like Airbnb,, Tripadvisor and more. If you want to be the first preference for the vacation rentals guests, you have to make special efforts.

Do you want to be a super host on Airbnb? Do you want to have a 10/10 rating on Want to keep your travelers (vacation rentals guests) happy and score 5 stars on TripAdvisor? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to become the best vacation rentals Host, you have to make sure your place is perfect for the guests. The more comfortable and pleasant experience you provide them, the more they like your house or apartment. Exclusive efforts are required on your part to make them feel at home. Similarly to Airbnb, the and TripAdvisor Hosts can also grab the attention of more and more guests if they pay attention to guests’ convenience.

Whether you are in the USA or Europe, you rent an entire home or a private room, we have some helpful tips following which you can become a number one host.

1. Invest in High-quality Mattress Cover
This is one of the most important yet often ignored factors. Just think from a guest’s point of view. Countless people come and sleep in the same bad. How gross is that? If you want to keep the mattress clean and as good as new, you should buy a good-quality mattress cover. It will keep the mattress clean by completely covering it.

2. Provide a Hassle-free check-in
The days when people used to lock their doors and hide keys under the doormat have passed. The time has changed, and technology has brought great comfort to our lives. One significant thing that you can do to offer more comfort for the guests is making the check-in effortless for you and hassle-free for your guests. Installing a keypad doorknob would make things easy for both you and your guests. You won’t have to be there and hand over the keys. Just tell them the code so that they can unlock the door by themselves. Make sure you change the code for each new guest to provide more safety.

3. Create a user-friendly manual/guidebook
In order to make their stay trouble-free at your place, you should provide them with the helpful information. You can leave a printed hardcopy of a house manual for them and include necessary information in it. For instance, you can write about how to operate the heating unit or air conditioner, where the nearest cafes, restaurants and grocery shops are and what are the major attractions around. Similarly, you can add details about where and how to get cleaning supplies, cooking ingredients, toiletries etc.

4. Be more accessible
If you want to be a good vacation rental host (Airbnb Host, Host, TripAdvisor Host and etc.) you should maintain a reasonable response rate. Be active and manage to respond to all the messages that you get from the potential vacation rentals guests. Even if you cannot accommodate some guests at a certain time, it would be a bad idea to ignore their message. In such a case, you should be courteous and reply them gently that you are not available at the moment. Remember it is way better to respond in negative than not responding at all.

5. Give Local Treats
Here is another way through which you can make the guests feel more welcomed. You can place sticky notes at various places like the kitchen counter, cupboard or other visible spots with something sweet written on them. For instance, you can leave a small welcome note for them. Moreover, you can give them local candies and sweets as a simple gesture of love. These little efforts make a substantial impact and help you to stay on top of the mind of guests. This way, your name pops up in their heads whenever they need to make a booking again.

6. Add helpful labels at required spots
Here is an interesting and very useful tip. You can leave ‘ON/OFF’ labels on the light switches to prevent any confusion for your vacation rentals guests. Similarly, you can put the label of ‘non-functional’ on the appliances or devices that don’t work. It would be beneficial to them, and they won’t bother you again and again for every little thing.

7. Welcome your guests personally
This one is not practically possible for all. But for those who can, you should be physically present there when your vacation rentals guests arrive. If you welcome them in person, it will make them feel at home, and they will definitely love this gesture from your side. Moreover, you can also show your place to them if you are there at the time of their arrival.

8. Have a cup of coffee or meal with them
Warm greetings and a pleasant welcome wholeheartedly leave a great impression on your guests. If you welcome them personally and spend some time with them, it will make them feel valued, and they would prefer to choose you as their host again and again. In short, if you aspire to be a top host, you would have to go to an extra mile. Meet and greet your guests and offer them a cup of coffee. You can even invite them to have a welcome lunch with you and your family. It will undoubtedly have a strong positive impact on your guests. Specifically, the guests who have come to book a private room, they would love your hospitality and appreciate your efforts.

9. Be welcoming, not overwhelming
You do want to make them feel easy, right? But make sure you don’t interrupt too much. A welcome lunch is a good idea, but after that, you should give them some space. They have come with their own plans. Let them be on their own and don’t try to be overly supportive. Asking them again and again if they need your help would exhaust them. Therefore, it is better not to disturb them every now and then. They will contact you when they need to. Make sure you are there when they ask for your advice for sight-seeing or any other thing. Other than that, you should not interject again frequently.

10. Get a Co-Host
In case you are tired or too busy to fulfil your responsibilities as a host, you can hire a Co-host. He/She would offer help in managing your vacation rentals guests, and you won’t have to worry about anything. Besides, if you are out of town and you want somebody to be present there to welcome the guests at your apartment, getting a co-host would be very helpful. Although you will have to share some proportion of your revenue with the helper, it would leave a positive impact on the guests, and that’s what actually matters.

Vacation rentals guests love to rent a residence that is clean, aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. You can entice more and more guests to book your place by providing them with a relaxing environment, clean and tidy rooms and reasonable rates. The more you take care of their comfort, the more they would love to come again.

Follow these tips, and you would undoubtedly become the best host around.

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